Standard Touch
Standard Touch Training

Teaching, learning, and mastering the skills to provide high quality, safe services to the public is often frustrating and time-consuming.

Did you know that the pressure applied by health and wellness professionals to consumers can vary by as much as 500%? Did you know there are no measurable definitions for excessive or unsafe pressure applied to consumers, and it varies by as much as 100 pounds between clinicians?

Standard Touch® changes how touch-based tasks and skills are taught, replacing ambiguous terms with measurement data.

An example, different manual therapy techniques use the terms gently, lightly, hard, and soft to identify the application of the skill.

Using the Standard Touch® System, a set application pressure range provides effective communication and clear objectives for practice and assessment. Learners use deliberate practice for skill mastery.

The Standard Touch® System uses our touch measuring device for professional variability assessments, training, certification, and verification programs. Our system is a cutting edge tool to improve quality and satisfaction in health care settings, spas and other health and wellness service locations.

Standard Touch® is patent-pending in the U.S. and many countries.

Clinicians, healthcare clinics, higher education institutions, professional trainers and consumers have experienced the Standard Touch® System and they love it.
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