Launching Extraordinary Innovation

Mendology’s focus is improving clinical services in the health field. We develop products for clinical variation, intelligent treatment environments, customer perception and satisfaction, education and biosensor. All products are centered around the clinical pressures used in health services. 

Mendology Products

Standard Touch

Patented Educational Technology measurement instrument to find or calculate the quantity or amount of pressure used by people when delivering health interventions.

Measure massage clients pressure perception in 90 seconds using new intake technology. Launching soon.

Patent-pending statistical analysis and data visualization application to improve quality in health industry. Launching Soon.

Patented biosensor driven intelligent treatment environment system. In Development.

Partner Program

Intelligent Pressure

Mendology products are covered by U.S. Patent No. #10,671,202 and other pending applications and foreign patents. Standard Touch and the Standard Touch Logo are registered trademarks of Mendology Inc. Starting Measure, Pressure Insights and Biosenu are trademarks of Mendology Inc. © 2020 Mendology Inc. All rights reserved.

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