Spa Service Measurement and Analytical Technology

We provide spa businesses with data to optimize their services. 

47+ million people received 200+ million massages1 creating a $18 billion industry2 in the U.S. in 2018. But 3% of consumers report consistent service when seeing different providers3 because 67% of providers feel uncertain about what pressure to apply to consumers3. Mendology’s platform solves the pressure variability of spa services with data from our propriety hardware enabled, S-A-A-S.  We provide data for improved and personalized personal care experiences. 

Wellness and science must move toward each together1

While advances have been made in service techniques, there has not been any breakthrough with respect to the use of technology to improve the services provided by this industry2 Mendology provides spa businesses with data to optimize their services using hardware and software tools. B2B, Hardware Enabled, S-A-A-S, produces data to analyze, train, and perform personalized and reliable personal care services. The platform provides consumer preference information, professional assessments, training, scoring, and certification, all based on science.

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